Curiosity Winter Camp 2022
Curiosity Winter Camp 2022
Karen Ward


An online winter camp retreat for grown-ups.

Hi Campers!

It's time to join our Curiosity Winter Camp community space, hip hip hooray!

When you click the Request to Join button above you will be prompted to answer a few simple questions. 

Once you've submitted those answers we will review the information to make sure you are, in fact, registered for Camp.

Assuming you are registered Camper, we will approve your request right away and you will be added to our Camp community space. 

When you first arrive, please click on the Discovery link in the left-hand navigation bar and review all of the materials in the Welcome section. That will give you a great orientation to the system so you know how to get around and where to find things.


(Registration for Curiosity Winter Camp 2021 has closed. Hope you'll join us next time!)
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